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Hi Beautiful Soul! I’m Tal; a yoga and wellness-loving, matcha-drinking, bookworm, living in Windsor, Ontario with my 2 rescue furkids - Reign & Simba!   I moved to Windsor when I was 18 to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an Interior Designer. I had the pleasure of falling in love with Kitchen Design and began my 12-year career, which I just retired from at the ripe old age of 33. I utilized yoga + meditation as an apparatus to destress and break down my days.  I took up blogging as a diary log about all the things I am genuinely enthusiastic about.  This immediately transformed into an energy that has taken me in such a large number of directions. My life has become an ideal impromptu mix of everything that I love. 

What brought me to yoga were many different factors, ones that you can read in my blog posts. But I quickly realized that was what my life was missing.  Yoga gave me the tools to create balance in my life, both on and off the mat, by teaching me physical and mental flexibility. I have strayed many times from my practice and I have always found my way back to my mat.  In 2020, I became 300-RYT with Aura Wellness Center, Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance for long-distance learning. Within my training, I completed 100 hours of Chakra teachings.  In 2023 I became a Reiki Master and Certified Indie Head Massage Practitioner, adding another layer of healing and wellness to my toolkit.

Throughout the years, my well-being has been up and down and my gut health has not been on point. The more dedicated to a sound way of life I am, the simpler it is for me to see the positive outcomes it has in every aspect of my life. What began as a diary/blog has transformed into a spot that I want readers to go to for wellbeing, health and yoga/fitness lifestyle.  A solid, well-balanced lifestyle of thinking about your body, mind and soul will not just permit you to be progressively open to the opportunities you are manifesting yet you will begin to feel amazing when those visions connect with you. 

Yogatation came to life as a place to connect, inspire and motivate. Offer well-being and balance between health and self-care, all while keeping it straightforward and manageable. I don't have everything in perfect order by any means! I am learning and developing daily, however perhaps through sharing my journey we can develop and inspire each other.  

I would love to connect on socials, so please stop by Instagram (@yogatationca) and say hi; I love to hear from you and know who my tribe is! 

Namaste, Tal 

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