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I highly recommend booking a private Reiki yoga session with Tal. Tal is so gifted and talented in what she provides for you—inner and outer strength.
Looking for deeper relaxation? Indian head massage provides this for you. It comes highly recommended!

♡ Kathy V.

I had my first Reiki session with Tal. Within minutes I felt a sense of calm come over me. My eyes were closed so I didn’t know where she was around me but I felt sensations of heat in various parts on my body but REALLY felt a quivering around my left kidney. My liver, kidneys and thyroid were areas I discussed as troublesome to her. When she was working on my head, I felt like my head was tilting back but not from my neck. It was so odd, and I saw the most beautiful purple light. I am sure I fell asleep somewhere along there because it seemed to go so fast. When I awoke, I had to RUN to the bathroom. And all night I couldn’t stop going to the bathroom. It was like my system was being flushed out. I had a bit of a headache but that was gone when I woke up. Oh, and my sleep!!!! I slept like a baby. I cannot wait to go back! It was glorious and today I feel like light as a feather and just so happy. Thanks lady! xo

♡ MaryAnn G.

Tal’s class was just what I needed for my self-care day. She had great cues that allowed me to simply focus on my practice and was welcoming right from the start. Her Gentle Hatha was a perfect balance between a little movement and a relaxing easy flow.

Carey M

I recently discovered Tal's in-studio yoga classes in LaSalle. Feeling like I need the connection to the energy of others in my yoga practice, I decided to attend a class. I found Tal to be warm, welcoming and excited to meet her new practitioners. After a stressful day, her slow flow class feels wonderful, allowing for a more peaceful and loving state that I can take into the world. Tal creates a nonjudgmental space.  I do what I can in my practice and that's okay.  Laughing together at my renowned lack of balance, variations in the poses are offered. She encourages me to listen to my body and give it what it needs for each moment in time.

Thanks Tal! ❤️

Michelle D

I have been practicing with Tal for a couple of months now and I love her classes. All levels would do well in her classes since she offers modifications as well. Give her a try!

Karen P.

Tal has created a beautiful welcoming space for all levels of practice. She guides the class with a mindful eye to everyone’s needs, always offering alternatives and adjustments to make the class accessible to everyone.

I look forward to continuing my journey with Tal.


I appreciate Tal’s calming gentle nature. Always mindful of everyone's needs; making the practice accessible to all. Thank you Tal for creating a safe, comforting space to continue my practice.


Yoga is something I’ve been doing on my own, trying to improve my skills before going to a class. I found out about Tal’s class and decided to go. I absolutely felt so comfortable in the class and atmosphere. Classes are smaller so it’s not overwhelming and gives you a chance to get to know the other people in the class! Everyone comes in at their own level and if there’s a position you can’t hold, Tal mentions alternative poses! Definitely an amazing class for anyone!


Restore Yin - such a lovely class. So relaxing and gentle. Perfect for yoga newbies or anyone who could use some stress relief. You sleep so amazing after too. Tal is a lovely instructor who brings a lot of love and gentleness into her practice.

Natalie H.

Chill Out Yin - Everything I needed. I'm never mad when I show up on my mat.

Meaghan C.

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