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Class Schedule

Looking to flow, grow and align with me in-person? Grab Your mat and meet me at one of the classes below. 

Chill Hot Yoga Studio

Location: 1540 McDougall Street, Windsor Ontario 

Please Note: Chill is a HOT yoga studio

YIN (Restore) - Wednesday
5:45 pm

This yin yoga class is designed to steady your mind and focus on the inner sensations of the body to relieve stress, bring awareness, and promote inner peace through a unique combination of meditative exercises, breathwork and passive stretches focusing on the hips, lower back, hamstrings and shoulders that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This class requires minimal movement and lots of stillness.

Slow Flow to YIN (Balance & Restore)-
Friday 5:45 pm

End your week right with a perfectly balanced class. Starting with a slow flow focusing on connecting breath and movement throughout the first half of the class. Then except to smoothly transition into Yin, which is more passive and restful practice for the last half of the class. Where mind-body-breath connect as one!

Slow & Stretchy (Restore) - Saturday
11:00 am

This is a gentle yoga class that moves slow and incorporates more poses that will provide a good stretch, and that we hold for a bit longer. All levels friendly.

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