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New to Yoga?

Yoga is an amazing gift.

It is a gift that we give ourselves. It is a gift that I love guiding you in and helping you learn to heal yourself from the inside out.


Everyone was a "newbie" at some point! So, let's take a big inhale breath, fill your lungs with the vital prana/air and exhale slowly, releasing all self-doubts and negative energy.

Now, let's get you set and ready to unroll your mat and take your first yoga class! 


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Meet Tal


It wasn't love at the first downward-facing dog!

Broken and lost, alone on a park bench in Central Park, I found the strength to leave a toxic and abusive relationship. 


My entry into the yoga world was through a hot yoga class. I didn't make it past the warm-up! 

As I started my journey, I realized that yoga could change my life.

Looking to go deeper? Check out these offers!

Heal Yourself from the Inside Out

A 12 week course of self-discovery

Get clear about what you really want in life and actively let go of everything that doesn’t support You

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