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Hi, I'm Tal

I’m a yoga practitioner (like you), 300-hour certified yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Certified Indie Head Massage Practitioner, founder of Yogatation, food and wellness lover, and fur-mama to Reign & Simba.

My Journey

Broken and lost, alone on a park bench in Central Park, I had a full body breakdown. Across from me was a yoga class happening on the grass and in that moment, I found the strength to leave a toxic and abusive relationship.


My entry into the yoga world was through a hot yoga class. I didn't make it past the warm-up! I felt like I was going to pass out and vomit. 

Even with that first-look experience, I knew this was my path.

As I started my journey, I realized that yoga could change my life. I leveraged this practice to ditch the limiting beliefs, trauma and self-doubt and learned how its transformative powers can heal you from the inside out. I share my love of a holistic yoga practice with women and guide them to use yoga to grow confidence, gain clarity, practice self-care, and pursue a life of purpose.


After years of downward doggin', hoping that the asana would bring transformation, I discovered that if I really wanted to “heal myself from the inside out” I would need to work from the inside out. I needed a yoga practice that would support me on-and-off-the-mat in my day-to-day life.

I went on a journey. An expedition through the land of research and trial and error to cultivate healing beyond the pose and realized that only practicing one way or one limb of Yoga was barely scratching the surface of what was possible. 


Fast Forward

a decade and a half and my Yoga practice has

taken me from scared, broken and lost to a woman that knows her worth, speaks her truth and has the tools to succeed in the life she is building for herself.

Healing is a journey.

It takes time.

It takes effort.

It takes you loving yourself where you are in the moment.

It is through my journey that I bring to you the very framework that helped me climb out of the darkness and back into the light.

Heal Yourself from the Inside Out


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