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Reiki Healing


Tal offers Reiki healing for everyBODY and everyONE and will meet you where you are in your journey.

Reiki is an alternative method of healing that awakens and promotes health and well-being in those who receive it. Reiki, which is also known as Universal life force energy, was used in ancient times to bring harmony and balance to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to stimulate the body's innate healing powers. Reiki is the energy that gives life to every single living thing. It is referred to as Ki or Chi in some cultures; while it is referred to as Prana or even the Holy Spirit in other cultures.

Instead of sending or directing this energy herself, Tal acts as a conduit that allows the healing life force energy to flow through her hands. Reiki then, at that point, goes where it needs to go. The client who receives Reiki is the one who can tap into their inherent healing abilities. This allows for one to come into harmony with their truest potential in all facets of life.

"channel energy to heal, improve balance, align chakras, and achieve harmony"

Benefits of Reiki include...

  • Reduces stress and promotes ultimate relaxation

  • Enhances the body's own self-healing mechanisms

  • Supports immune system function

  • Restores overall energy and vitality

  • Promotes a more restful sleeping pattern

  • Minimizes short and long-term imbalances in the body

  • Helps dissolve negative subconscious imprints

  • Brings forth conscious awareness of patterns that longer serve you


What to expect during a Reiki session

During the Reiki session, the person receiving the treatment stays completely clothed and lies comfortably on the bed, covered by a blanket. Pillows and bolsters are also used. Treatments are usually 1 hour and can be done with a hands-on or hands-off approach, depending on the comfort level of the recipient. The patient may feel warmth, tingling, or an energetic pressure change as the practitioner moves their hands into specific positions on (or off) the body during the treatment. Often the recipient with drift off into a deep meditative state or lucid dream state. Certain individuals then again may nod off. Even if you're asleep, you'll still get the benefits of Reiki. Reiki does not have any contradictory side effects and does not require the client to focus or exert effort.

To further enhance the healing experience, blissful-Zen music, aromatherapy and crystals may also be included as part of this restorative service.

Like massage or acupuncture, many people incorporate Reiki into their monthly self-love and care routine. This prevents health crises, produces consistent results, and promotes a higher vibrational way of life.

What to expect after a Reiki session

After the treatment, the therapeutic effects of Reiki will continue for several days—or even longer—after it has been administered. This is your body's ongoing effort to restore equilibrium and harmony.

Drink lots of water, and rest if you can after your treatment. 

What Are the Healing Crystals that I incorporate into your session?

Clear Quartz

used to balance the entire auric field


for balancing and opening the crown chakra

Lapis Lazuli/Solalite

for supporting the third eye chakra

Blue Lace Agate/Blue Chalcedony 

supports the throat chakra

Rose Quartz/Malachite

used to support the heart chakra

Citrine/Yellow Jasper

used to balance the solar plexus chakra and to bring joy into the energy system

Carnelian/Orange Calcite

used to balance the sacral chakra

Red Jasper/Garnet

balances the root chakra


provides grounding energy and balances the root and heart chakras


used to bring a sense of calm to the body, mind, and spirit

Smoky Quartz

provides uplifting and cleansing energy to the chakras

Healing Stones

Before and after each session, the room and the Crystals will be cleansed with White Sage.
Allowing the space to release anything from the session and allowing clean energy for the next session to begin.


60 min session

Reiki Crystal Session

Traditional Reiki will be provided along with the additional benefits of Crystals.

Crystals help to support deeper healing. They can assist us in cleansing the chakras and balancing the body's energy system. 

60 min session - $80 

45 min session

Reiki Session

Traditional Reiki will be provided in this session. We will focus on the over all body or if instructed, only areas that are in need of some extra love.

Crystals can be used to support deeper healing in these areas. 

45 min session - $60 

30 min session

Top Up Reiki Session

In this Top Up session we will work on specific areas of concern, areas that are in need of some extra love.

Examples are; headaches, stress, menstrual cramps, feeling unwell or getting over sickness.

This is the healing advantage Your body needs. 

30 min session - $45 

"Relax the mind and the body will follow"
(Red Pine Healing)

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