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Intro to the Chakras Mini Course

Want to learn more about the chakra system and feel energized, strong and balanced?

Join us for this virtual Chakra Journey that introduces you to the Chakra system.

Here is


Image by Thomas Lefebvre

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Intro to the Chakras.

The value of this course is over $295! 

I believe in the power of the Chakras and offer you this jam packed course for 


You have access to it for the lifetime of the course.


Join the Private FaceBook Group

We have a Private Facebook Group especially for YOU!

Do the work.

Ask all the questions.

Discuss it with others in the group.

This group is an extension to the program. 

Hand Gesture

Complete the Work

Review the graphic with an overview of the Chakras, Meditation & Breathwork Flow, Affirmation Meditation & a full 

Root to Crown flow to help us align our Chakras.


So what is a Chakra?

The word Chakra is a Sanksrit word meaning “wheel” or “circle”, and it refers to the individual circular spinning wheels of energy located throughout the body.


The Chakra System is a complex network of energy channels connecting these wheels and is mapped throughout the whole body, much like a spiritual nervous system.


There are 7 main Chakras that are found running alongside the spine that represents different body parts, feelings and energy.

Ready to learn more?

Are you ready to Invest in YOU?

- This is a self-paced Journey. Start at the top & work through the lessons. 

- Grab your mat and something to prop your tailbone, the Root Chakra, up...blanket, pillow or bolster will do!

- This is an all levels journey. Start where you are and grow with each lesson.

- Access to a Private Facebook Group where you can interact with your fellow Chakra Beings all on the Journey together.

- A graphic that lists the 7 chakras and jam-packed information for each Chakra

- Accountability and support from me!

- And who knows; we might get crazy and have an impromptu Yoga Sesh :)  

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