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The Higher Self Journal is for anyone who is looking for a tangible journalling practice that is effective with the approach that shares my love of a holistic yoga practice with the balance of growth, clarity, self-care, and kindness towards ourselves.


This journal is intended to be the launching point to your inner world.


This is the beginning of your journey to your inner thoughts, your manifestation of your dreams and your first step to healing from the inside out. First, you will be taken through six steps to reveal your dreams, release your past, reclaim your desires, rate your circle, reset your intentions, and redefine your goals.


For the next 30 days, you will be taken through prompts to make you think deeply and unleash your goals.


This is for you if...


You're struggling with clarity, self-doubt and limiting beliefs.


You want to break through the noise, learn to harness the energy and learn to journal without being overwhelmed.


You dream of clear goals, a life you love living and to learn to heal yourself from the inside out.

The Higher Self Journal

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