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Class Schedule

Looking to flow with me in person?

Yogatation has joined the Chill Fam!

Chill is located at:

2950 Dougall Ave Unit 4

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

I offer 2-3 classes per week all in a hot yoga studio environment. 

Classes can be booked using the mind-body app.

Please Take Note:
These classes are hot (105F Degrees). If you start to feel lightheaded and/or dizzy, take a small, slow sip of water and lie down in corpse pose or take child pose until you feel ready to get back into the practice. 
People with conditions including cardiovascular disease, back pain, asthma, diabetes, low blood pressure or pregnancy should consult with a doctor before trying a warm yoga practice.

Chill Out Yin - Tuesday @ 5:30 pm

A quiet, meditative yoga practice, yin focuses on lengthening muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. Yin poses are passive, allowing your muscles to relax and let gravity do all the work. Expect to hold poses for a long time (typically 3-5 minutes), where you will practice patience and quiet the mind.  All Levels Class. Beginner Friendly.

Yoga Child's Pose

Slow Flow to Yin - Wednesday @ 5:45 pm

The flow portion is unique to each teacher, but expect to focus on connecting breath and movement. In the first half, you will move through levels of friendly slow and gentle flow, transitioning into the yin practice (see yin description) in the last half for a perfectly balanced class.

All Levels Class. Beginner Friendly.


Pop Up Classes & Substitute Classes

Keep an eye out for pop-up classes and substituting classes as they happen throughout the season!

Warrior One

Karma Class

Yoga Class

Gentle Flow Yoga

Gentle Flow Yoga incorporates simple flowing sequences to warm up the body performed at a slower pace, with less intense poses. Within the flow we will focus on the body and mind connection bringing meditation, breathwork and Yin elements throughout. All Levels welcome.  


Breathe Pilates and Yoga Studio is located at:

420 Kildare Rd

Windsor, Ontario 

Offering a Karma class on the 1st Friday of every month!

Karma Class Dates are as follows:

Nov. 4, 2022

Dec. 2, 2022

$10 (no HST) per class.

To book a Karma Class, buy a Karma class pass on their membership page, then book online through the studio schedule!

Please head to Breathe's website to sign up. 

The Karma class is in support of the Tâche Inter Humaine a center of change for Haiti.

To learn more about this cause please click here.

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Outdoor Yoga Classes

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