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Head Massage

Indie Head Massage

What is Indie Head Massage?

The Indian Head Massage is based on the traditional Ayurvedic healing system created in India, more than 500 years ago. The head, is the centre of our nervous system and home to our identity and intelligence. The Chakra at the top of our head, the Crown Chakra, is our communication and allows us to speak with our higher self, and represents who we are.


Indie Head Massage has a balancing impact on the neurological system and aids in the release of stress and tension, resulting in a feeling of well-being.


If our head feels good, we feel good.

Energize your mind and allow tension to slip away.
It is both a therapeutic and beauty treatment with many wonderful benefits.

Benefits of Indie Head Massage include...

  • Renews and balances energy levels by working with the three higher chakras

  • Detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage

  • Improving Tension Headaches

  • Sinus Symptoms

  • Reduces stress and promotes ultimate relaxation

  • Enhances the body's own self-healing mechanisms

  • Supports immune system function

  • Restores overall energy and vitality

  • Promotes a more restful sleeping pattern

Scented Candles

What to expect during an Indie Head Massage session

Using warmed coconut oil, infused with essential oils, this healing treatment begins with you face down on the massage table. You will remove clothing only from the waist up, treatments are performed fully covered with sheets/blankets, on a treatment table, only exposing the upper back/neck and arms.

Once under the blankets, I will begin with a therapeutic soft tissue manipulation massaging your upper back and shoulders, working to remove any knots or tension using pressure points and gliding techniques to encourage relaxation.  Then I will focus on your neck muscles and the back of your scalp to relax your entire head and encourage circulation.

Turning over onto your back, a soothing upper arm massage, followed with a gentle and relaxing facial massage helps with deeper relaxation and improves sinus congestion and headaches. Finishing off with the top of the head to complete this relaxing self-care treatment.

What to expect after an Indie Head Massage session

Please bring a hair band, clip, brush or hat.

Although you will FEEL amazing after the massage, you likely won’t look amazing! 

So don’t plan on going out anywhere right after the massage. 

Your hair will be an absolute mess and likely look as if you’ve left conditioner in it for a week without rinsing. 

FYI your hair WILL feel/be super soft the next day from the coconut oil treatment.

Please come with a fresh face (no makeup) and all jewelry off - including earrings. 

Three of the major Chakras or energy centres are located in the head; the Crown, Brow (3rd Eye) and Throat.  

Indie head massage helps to balance and stimulate these vital energy centres, promoting a sense of well-being, relaxation and positive energy.

With this, you might feel light-headed or have a slight headache as the energy is rebalancing and realigning.

Please plan to rest and relax after your session, drinking lots of water and proper nutrition.

It is all about listening to your body's knowledge for healing. 


Indie Head Massage Treatment

In this 90-minute session, we focus on the traditional holistic healing of Indie Head Massage. 

Focusing on back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp.

You'll leave this treatment feeling like you're walking on cloud 9! 

90 min session - $115 tx


30 min Indie Head Massage +

30 min Reiki Session

This treatment combines Indie Head Massage and Reiki— to assist the energy pathways of the body in finding harmony.
This centering session which focuses on the head only, is followed by Reiki healing energies to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 


A well-rounded strategy towards well-being.

60 min session - $80 tx

"Relax the body so the healing can begin"

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