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Heal Yourself from the Inside Out

A 12 week course of self-discovery

Get clear about what you really want in life and actively let go of everything that doesn’t support You


Presented by Tal,
Founder & CEO at Yogatation.

Heal Yourself from the Inside Out is all about aligning your thoughts, actions, and desires to cultivate your purpose and create your dream life.

I have used this method to align my life and create a life I love living. My heart and soul were poured into this course, and I am excited about sharing it with you as I know this is going to be an absolute game changer for you like it was for me.

Are you ready to bust through limiting beliefs and create the life you love living?

In this course, you will ...

Ready to Explore the Course?

6 modules

6 modules filled with actionable steps to help you align your thoughts, actions, and desires to cultivate your purpose and create your dream life.

30+ worksheets

Over 30 interactive worksheets, mini-guides and checklists to help you take action! Download and save or print out! 

Guided Meditations, Pranayama & Yoga Flows

Guided meditations & pranayama (breathwork) will be shared in conjunction with each module released! Exclusive yoga flows will be shared in conjunction with each module released!

12 weeks

You will journey over 12 weeks to give you time to fully embrace, connect, and implement what the course has to offer. This is a self-study course with a schedule that helps you stay committed and on track with your goals and dreams. You have the freedom to come and go as needed and when it feels right for you. Take longer on a module if needed. Healing is a journey, not a chapter. Once in the course, you’re in for life! 

40+ videos

Over 40 videos will be released throughout the 12 weeks to guide you through the journey and keep you inspired! 

Explore the Chakras

You will journey through the healing energies of the Chakras, learn how when balanced and aligned can lead you to live a life you love. 

Live Group Coaching
& Community

There's nothing better than sharing and seeing all those that are on this journey with you! 3 live group coaching calls where we get to connect face to face! This powerful opportunity allows you to speak with me & the rest of the group to ask questions, share your experiences and support one another on the journey!
Access to the private Facebook group where you can find accountability, connect daily with others on the path, ask questions and get support along this transformative journey during the 12 weeks and beyond. 

How do you know if this course is for You?

Are You struggling with any of these:

- self-doubt
- toxic relationship
- limiting beliefs
- unhealthy habits
- no passion
- hate where you are in life

Are You seeking any of these:

- a purpose-filled life
- self - love
- healthy relationships
- abundance
- motivation
- the life you love 


My Journey

It wasn't love at first downward facing dog!

Broken and lost, alone on a park bench in Central Park, I found the strength to leave a toxic and abusive relationship. 


My entry into the yoga world was through a hot yoga class. I didn't make it past the warm-up! 

As I started my journey, I realized that yoga could change my life.


Are you ready to start Your journey?

If this sounds like your path and you're ready to start the journey of healing yourself from the inside out, then click here for more info and to start the application process! 

Get on the waitlist 


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