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The key to success in Yoga is to...

Heal Yourself from the Inside Out

Hello Beautiful Soul!
Have you been doing all the Yoga and not feeling results? 
Do you suffer from lasting trauma and left feeling like nothing is really changing?
I’m Tal and I’m here to help you move beyond the physical practice and unlock deeper wisdom of the mind and guide you on a path of self-discovery!

It's my goal to guide you in learning the tools to create balance on-and-off-the-mat with a consistent &

judgment-free space. 

Our bodies are expressions of our deeper truths, belief systems, traumas, patterns and past experiences. Through my work with the Chakras, they taught me that to truly heal, I needed to heal from the inside out.


Chakras are by far the most profound and powerful method of deep self-healing and self-acceptance. 

Are you ready to take this journey to self-discovery, break toxic cycles, expand & grow into the Beautiful Soul you were meant to be?! 

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