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Yogatation Online Membership

Feel good in your body and mind with Yoga and Meditation

Folding Yoga Mat

Feel good in your body and stress less with yoga that you can practice anywhere and at any time!

And the best part? You can do it at home, in your living room, in your PJs, with your pet! #goals

I get it, right now you’re struggling with finances and not being able to afford a studio membership, you work all day and trying to accommodate your schedule to a studio’s classes is just NOT working out for you.


You WANT to exercise and stay in shape but the idea of going to a gym is not appealing at all, and honestly, you’d rather try yoga (everyone’s talking about it), at home.


You struggle with feeling stressed and overwhelm, with feelings of anxiety, and not feeling good enough or confident in yourself; you are willing to try anything to get past these feelings and start enjoying your life.

Yoga Pose

What if you could do yoga whenever your schedule allowed it, on the back deck, outside, in your living room, pretty much anywhere where you could fit a mat. What if I told you, you could do as little as 10 minutes a day and start to feel strong, flexible, confident in yourself AND stress less.


Here’s what’s included in the Membership:

  • Yoga you can do on your time and at home

  • Access to a variety of easy to follow beginner-friendly yoga classes and flows

  • A chance for you to gain strength and flexibility in the body, and to find a calmness and peace within your mind all without living the comforts of your home

  • Members-only videos added each month

  • You can practice without other people in a room with you and try poses that you may have been shy to do in a studio

  • Modern meditations that will help you focus, relax, and manifest everything you desire in your life


You will feel good and look good in your body and mind. You will feel calmer, centered, and have more confidence in yourself and your decisions. You will react less and be more responsive when life throws you curve balls. Your life will completely change for the better. And it all starts with yoga.

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