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You're invited to a FREE online...

5 - Day Journey Through the Poses:

Yoga Challenge

Increase flexibility, improve posture, and boost confidence on your mat.

Challenge Starts: March 22 - 26, 2021

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Sign Up!

Sign up for the 5-Day Yoga Pose Challenge.

It's FREE! 

Meditation Pose.1-15.jpg

Join the Private FaceBook Group

We have a Private Facebook Group especially for YOU!

Try the pose, discuss it with others in the group.

I will go LIVE each day to discuss the pose, modifications and show you how to get into the pose.

Folding Yoga Mat

Complete the Pose each Day

Each day for 5 days, there will be a NEW Yoga pose to complete.

Give it a try, learn something new and get comfortable on Your mat!

Image by Danielle MacInnes

What's the Journey Through the Poses: 5 Day Yoga Challenge.

100% FREE. All Online. 

Your Yoga Pose Schedule:

Day 1: Mountain Pose

Day 2: Downward Facing Dog

Day 3: Warrior I

Day 4: Tree Pose

Day 5: Camel Pose

All levels are welcome! 

Take the 5-Day Yoga Challenge

- Each day for 5 days, complete and learn one Yoga pose

- You only need a mat & a block

*don't have a block? No worries! Use a cardboard box or book that is about the same size and will be stable enough for you to put some weight onto it!

- This challenge is geared towards New Yogis, but all levels are welcome!  

- Get tips and tricks to get into the poses, modifications that work for YOU 

- Access to a Private Facebook Group

- A 5- Day calendar to show you each pose for that day and tips and tricks for the pose, mantras and inspiration!

- E-Book with all 5 poses, the breakdown of each pose and tips and tricks (Exclusive when you sign up!)

- I will go LIVE in the Facebook group once a day to chat about the pose, show you the pose in real-time and have a chat with you answering any questions you may have. 

- Accountability and support from me!

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