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10 Great Gift Ideas for the Yogi in your Life

With the Holidays just around the corner, I have composed a short gift guide! Any Yogi in your life would love to open these on the big day. I know these are on my wish list :)

Create your own flows with these yoga dice! This kit contains seven wooden dices, which represents the 7 chakras. Each dices has different poses for seated, standing, balancing and twists. Roll them together and you have a variety of poses, suiting all levels of yoga!

Yoga is more than just the poses that we do. It is Body, Mind and soul. All the recipes are vegetarian and gluten free. The author brings her healthful recipes and yogic principles into your kitchen. This book teaches you that you can nourish your mind, strengthen your body and bring balance into your life by what you put into your body. I love that it is divided into chakra based chapters allowing you to pin point what you need that day.

If your gonna eat the cookies, you might as well make them Yogi shaped! Your yogi friends will get a kick out of these cool cookie cutters.

With the colder months upon us, why not get all comfy cozy in this sweatshirt?! This sweatshirt is over sized and so soft on the inside. The iconic saying and crew neck make this sweatshirt a go to for the yogi in your life that wakes up before everyone else to hit the mat!

I love this book! Candace does such a great job in breaking down each pose, teaching you step by step how to get into a pose, the benefits and modifications. If you are a beginner or a novice, this book has something for every yogi.

For the Yogi on the go! With the dedicated yoga mat spot and the convenient compartments and storage space, this backpack makes traveling to and from class a breeze!

With most of the population sitting all day at work (me included), this board allows you to work on your balance while still getting your work completed. Multitasking at its best! Work on your balance and core strength. What's great is that you can adjust the difficulty by adding more air into the rubber base. No tools required!

These leggings have been on my radar for a few years now. They look so comfy and I hear they fit like a dream. For me, they look like the best of both worlds. Yoga leggings and sweats in one! With multiple colour choices and the ability to wear them pulled down over your foot or scrunched up, your good to roll into any workout.

9. Tibetan Singing Bowl

There are so many variations of these bowls, that doing a simple search will bring up 100s of pages. I have been in love with these bowls for as long as I can remember. I have not purchased one yet, as I am waiting for one to sing to me. Used for meditation, relaxation and stress reduction, these bowls date back to 560 - 480 B.C. I,myself, am still researching and finding out more and more daily. Click the link to a page with more information.

When I set out to buy a yoga mat I had a lot of requirements. Has to be grippy, wear well, long, wide and thick, eco-friendly and contribute to the Earth in some way. Jade Yoga checked all my boxes and than some. I have had my Harmony Red mat for over 5 years. My good friend actually gifted it to me for Christmas! I love that for every mat sold, they plant a tree :)

Well, I hope that was useful and will help you check off some gifts, whether for a yogi lover or yourself!

Yoga is YOUR practice, YOUR time, YOUR journey. Let it be what YOU need it to be. Step on your mat and Let it all Go.



*Disclaimer: These are my own, personal, honest opinions/practice. This post was not sponsored. YogatationCa purchased all items themselves. YogatationCa is not a certified Yoga Teacher and will not be held liable for any recommendations or information provided. This post is designed for educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice, legal advice, or professional services. Therefore, try/practice at your own risk. Always consult your doctor before trying a new exercise.

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