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Finding the Best Yoga Mat for ME | Jade Yoga Mats

When I first started doing Yoga, I was at one of my happy places: Chapters!  They had just started carrying more than "just books".  I bought my first Yoga Mat for a very affordable price and still have it to this day!  I use it for other exercises, headstands and such.  It is thick and comfortable, but I hated that mat for doing Yoga.

A Yoga Mat is not a one size fits all.  Thickness, length, width and material all are factors to consider when looking for a new Mat. A Yoga Mat is going to be apart of you, there for you, and ready to catch you when you fall (laughing, of course!).

If you follow YogatationCa on Instagram, (and if you don't, check us out here!) my red Yoga Mat is always there for me.

I acquired "Goddess Dirty Toes" (yes that is her name!) from a Yogi friend a few years back for Christmas.

I had been on the hunt for one that was grippy, thick but not heavy to carry and one that was longer.

I stumbled upon Jade Yoga Mat during my research. I love their environmental aspect of their company. After reading amazing review after review and speaking to a few other Yogis, I knew I had found  MY mat :)

The things that I looked for while researching are:

  • Thickness

  • Wearability

  • Cost

  • Environmental

  • Footprint

  • Size

Jade Yoga Mats checked all those boxes off and than some!

My Yogi Girlfriend knew I was in the market for a new mat and her yoga studio had just gotten the new Jade mats.  She did some digging and surprised me with it :) <3 (I know she is a great friend).

Although this was a gift, it still has not changed my review on the mat.  I use it everyday for my practice.  Take it to classes and have even taken it to the park for a little flow outdoors!

I acquired the Jade Harmony Pro Mat.  It is 3/16" thick, 24" x 74" and is their most popular to date. Jade calls it the

"perfect balance between comfort and stability"

and I could not agree more with that statement!  It is thick enough that it is nice on my knees and wrists, stable enough that it does not give under my feet in Tree Pose.

With my first mat, if I sweat, I was slip sliding everywhere. Can we say face plant?!  With Jade Yoga Mats, they are made of open cell rubber, that make a non-slip surface!  I have had my mat for a few years now and have not slipped on it once.  I stand firm and strong in Warrior Asana and focus on my breathe, not if I'm slipping on my mat :)

Jade Mats come in 4 thickness and 4 sizes/lengths.  They are made in the US and contain no PVC.

Jade Yoga Mat - Harmony Mat
Jade Yoga Mat - Harmony Mat

Jade has 3 Causes that are near and dear to their hearts.  When you buy a mat, they plant a tree. When you buy a towel, they provide fresh water. When you buy a block, you help preserve the rain forest. To find out more, please click here.


Yogi's have you found YOUR Yoga Mat yet?  What is your favourite mat?


Yoga is YOUR practice, YOUR time, YOUR journey.  Let it be what YOU need it to be.  Step on your mat and Let it all Go. Namaste


*Disclaimer: These are my own, personal, honest opinions/practice.  This post was not sponsored. YogatationCa recieved this as a gift. YogatationCa is not a certified Yoga Teacher and will not be held liable for any recommendations or information provided. This post is designed for educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice, legal advice, or professional services. Therefore, try/practice at your own risk.  Always consult your doctor before trying a new exercise.

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