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6 Steps I took to Start to Heal | Yogatation | Heal Yourself from the Inside Out

After I found the strength to leave my abusive and toxic relationship - I had ALOT of work to do.

Mentally. Physically. And Emotionally.

I started Soul searching work that lead me down the path of healthy eating, mindfulness, wellness, connection and healing.

Steps I took, in no particular order:

1. I started drinking more water. This allowed my body to start to heal, detox and clear out any stuck energy.

2. I bought fresh, whole foods whenever I had a little extra to spend (which wasn't often!) but frozen veggies and fruit are less expensive and still pack the punch!

3. I started to focus on how I spoke to myself. For too long I had been told lies, yelled at and made to think I was nobody. The way you speak to yourself is the way you show up. Show up as your highest self!

4. I started to read again! I lived close to a library, so I got a free membership and used the hell out of it! My love for reading and personal development evolved and grew. Feeding my brain with positivity allowed me to start to heal the voices in my head and change the narrative.

5. I moved my body. I started Yoga and mediation. I walked everywhere (as I didn't have a car) and the movement allowed me to clear my mind while on my way to work, school or groceries.

6. I built a morning routine that I loved and that set my soul on fire. This since has evolved and changed, and it continues to change as the seasons and my life shift.

The way you speak to yourself is the way you show up. Show up as your highest self!

None of these are extraordinary but, when they are combined together, and compounded over time, you begin to see great shifts in your mind, body and soul.

Learning to Heal Yourself from the Inside Out is a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-worth.

You are worthy of love, compassion and greatness.

Are you ready to Heal Yourself from the Inside Out?

I invite you to check out my course here. Take the first step toward your dream life and getting You back <3

Your relationship with YOU is the most important one you will ever have. Investing in You and making a strong and powerful connection. If you’re looking for a little extra self-love make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter as I send out love and on-and-off-the-mat tidbits every month.

Love & Light,


*Disclaimer: This Disclaimer forms a binding agreement between you and Chantal Croucher also known as Yogatation, a Sole Proprietorship operating out of Ontario, Canada. In continuing to watch this video, read this blog and practicing yoga with me, you release me from any liability related to any injuries or issues which may arise from the risks of practicing yoga through this video. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS IN PARTICIPATING IN THIS YOGA CLASS. These videos and blogs are posted for educational and informational purposes only and are not tailored to you specifically in any way. Please ensure you are practicing in a safe space and consult a medical professional before your practice. Lastly, please note that the techniques and approaches to yoga contained in these videos are simply my teachings and I make no representations about their efficacy nor do I promise any results.

Namaste and enjoy the practice.


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