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5 tips for Starting a Journaling Practice and it Sticking | Start Journaling | Yogatation

I have loved to write all my life. I remember having journals, or diaries, back when I was younger. The empowerment of putting thoughts on paper, allowing your mind to go to the depths that it needs to, unleashing all your needs, desires, and thoughts. Just like many things in life journaling has not always come easy for me. So I would like to share my 5 tips for starting a journaling practice and how to make it stick.

A few days ago, on my Facebook page, I asked my Kula (community) for a poll -

Do you have a journaling practice?

Over 50% of them answered that they journal daily and that made me so happy ✨

Over 30% of them answered that they tried but it didn't stick...

So, this post is for those that have tried and it didn't stick!

My top 5 tips for starting a journaling practice and it sticking 😁

1. Don't overthink it! It doesn't need to be anything amazing or publishing-worthy.

This is where you get all your thoughts out onto paper. Just write. Put pen to paper and let it flow!

2. I find it’s easier if I write to someone. It can be anyone. It could be your Grandparent that is no longer with you, but having someone to write to has always made it easier for me to get my thoughts out.

3. Pick a time of day that works best for you. If you’re a mother of 2, running around first thing in the morning saying that you’re going to journal in the morning is setting yourself up for failure. Pick a time that works best for YOU because this practice is for you and only you.

4. Start out small! This was huge for me when I started. Small like what you did that day. I went to a new restaurant with a friend I haven’t seen in a while and it was awesome! Simple. Easy. To the point. But it will get you writing so that when the bigger things come up and you need to write it out to make sense of it – you will have the foundation to do it.

5. Find what works for YOU. I say it in my Yoga classes and it applies here too. I am a pen-to-paper person. I probably always will be. But some are digital and with our phones, right at our fingertips, it's easier to pull your phone out when you need it to journal. That’s amazing! If that’s you and that’s been stopping you from journaling, well my friend – your excuses stop here! While there are “journaling apps” you can just use the NOTES section on your phone to journal. I do this when I’m out and about and think about something that I want or need to write about in more detail later that day.

If you take anything from this post, I want it to be this.


It’s not meant to be hard. It’s not meant to make you sweat and be scared. It’s meant to open you up, offering the space to work through stuff, offering support and healing.

So, to those that were a I tried and it didn't stick – here is your invitation to try again with these 5 tips.

Now grab your preferred method of journaling and get writing Kula <3

Love & Light,


*Disclaimer: This Disclaimer forms a binding agreement between you and Chantal Croucher also known as Yogatation, a Sole Proprietorship operating out of Ontario, Canada. In continuing to watch this video, read this blog and practicing yoga with me, you release me from any liability related to any injuries or issues which may arise from the risks of practicing yoga through this video. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS IN PARTICIPATING IN THIS YOGA CLASS. These videos and blogs are posted for educational and informational purposes only and are not tailored to you specifically in any way. Please ensure you are practicing in a safe space and consult a medical professional before your practice. Lastly, please note that the techniques and approaches to yoga contained in these videos are simply my teachings and I make no representations about their efficacy nor do I promise any results.

Namaste and enjoy the practice.


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