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Mother Nature, Oh what a beautiful thing

I grew up among the trees. Surrounded by nature. There was not a day that would go by that wildlife would not cross our backyard. Moose, deer, bear, wolves. All within my reach and yet so far away.

I grew up in a 4 seasons location in Ontario, Canada. Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. Mother Nature did not disappoint. Clear, fresh air. Rain storms for miles. More snow than anyone can imagine or want :)

My favourite season, FALL! The leaves turn bold red, orange and yellow. The earth is blanketed in beauty. The trees are shedding what they no longer need in hopes for a new start once the warmer weathers come back around.

While up North for Thanksgiving weekend, my family took a walk down our old trails. Visiting spots from our childhood. Places that we Loved. Lived. Grew.

Mother Nature amazes me time and time again. We are all guests in her home. Respect her and she will respect you.

Nature. What beauty. What can she teach us? A vast amount. You must stop, be still and listen. Listen with all your senses. She will guide you. Tell you what is right and wrong. Lead you to triumph and not leave your side.

What is your favourite season?

Yoga is YOUR practice, YOUR time, YOUR journey.  Let it be what YOU need it to be.  Step on your mat and Let it all Go.


Namaste *Disclaimer: These are my own, personal, honest opinions/practice.  This post was not sponsored. YogatationCa purchased all items themselves. YogatationCa is not a certified Yoga Teacher and will not be held liable for any recommendations or information provided. This post is designed for educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice, legal advice, or professional services. Therefore, try/practice at your own risk.  Always consult your doctor before trying a new exercise.

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