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Building a Strong Mind

I love books. Book stores are my safe place. Where I go and all stress is left at the entrance door. Within their walls I am transported to many different lands, eras and places. Exploring the many rows of unknown adventures and discovery.

Physical paper books. The smell, the knowledge, the power. All held within 2 covers and many many pages of discovery in between.

Discovering a subject, a novel or a cookbook that you would never have picked up, to me, is the thrill of the hunt.

I have spent many hours browsing a book store. So much so that I've been asked by the sales people if they can take my jacket! (No joke. It happened!) What is a college student that does not party do for fun? Well of course go to the book store!

Photo Credit: Krystal Spooner

I am a knowledge seaker. Self power. Self awareness. Self recognition.

I have not always loved to read. I had to, like learning to love avocado, ease my way into it!

Fiction, sci-fi, supernatural is my go to when I want to escape and not think about what is beyond the walls. Something about the unknown. The thrill, the danger, the does or doesn't it exist just takes my imagination and my mind and sends it on a mini vacation of wonder and adventure.

However, lately I have been reaching and growing my collection of yoga and self growth (some call them "self help") related books.

Learning about chakras, yoga history, Buddha, the moon and stars, all have fascinated me for a long while but not until recently had my mind been ready to learn about it.

Photo Credit: Pinterest - Artist Unknown

I love this quote because every book I've read, I end up reading 4 more on the same topic just to understand what I just read. And every one builds upon the next and so on.

We as humans should never be done learning. Everyday is a new day to learn, to better yourself and to become more knowledgeable.

I don't trust anyone that claims to "know it all" about a topic. We can not possibly, either physically or mentally understand or know everything there is to know about something.

You should always be a student. You should always want to be a student. There is nothing wrong about not knowing something. There is nothing wrong about wanting to learn more about something either.

We are still learning everyday about the Earth. The Earth is 4.543 billion years old! (Google told me so). Well, she's old and cranky but she's still learning, adapting and growing each day. And so should you.

So today, I encourage you to go to a book store and just browse and see where she takes you. Do not have an agenda or destination. Go in with an open mind and open heart. Stop and ground your feet, inhale and breathe the life within these 4 walls. All the knowledge and power that is radiating within. You might be surprised where you end up!

Yoga is YOUR practice, YOUR time, YOUR journey. Let it be what YOU need it to be. Step on your mat and Let it all Go.


*Disclaimer: These are my own, personal, honest opinions/practice. This post was not sponsored. YogatationCa purchased all items themselves. YogatationCa is not a certified Yoga Teacher and will not be held liable for any recommendations or information provided. This post is designed for educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice, legal advice, or professional services. Therefore, try/practice at your own risk. Always consult your doctor before trying a new exercise.

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