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Heal Yourself from the Inside Out | Chakra Balancing | Yogatation

After years of a dedicated personal #yoga practice, I realized nothing was changing.

Until I learned how to heal myself from the inside out.

I suffered from lasting #trauma from an abusive and toxic relationship. While my yoga practice helped me find the courage to break free from this relationship it left psychological and behavioural issues.

I was angry, all the time. I worked in sales at a big-box store. Every day I was getting yelled at by a stranger because we ran out of the base to mix their paint and now they can't finish their project. Or, they want that vanity, but not that exact one, a little different in a different colour and finish, but for that price.

I was very reactive. I had spent over a year being yelled at, hit and told I was never going to amount to anything. What these people didn't know was that I was a ticking time-bomb that was about to explode...3,2,1...

I had a great work team that understood my issues and stood behind me 100%, but I knew that if I wanted to further my career in design and heal, I needed to get this under control.

My body, mind and soul were shouting that something was wrong and I wasn't listening.

I had a headache almost daily. I was eating way more than I should, but because my job kept me on my feet, lifting heavy items, and go, go, go for 8 hours; I was always hungry. My acne was out of control and nothing was clearing it up. I wasn't sleeping & I held onto everything.

It wasn't until I learned about the power of the mind that I discovered how to heal from the inside out.

I learned about the power of the mind that I discovered how to heal from the inside out.

Enter the CHAKRAS.

What is a Chakra?

I'm so glad you asked!

The word chakra refers to a wheel or disk. This refers to spiritual centers within the body.

There are 7 chakras running up the spine, starting at the base of the spine all the way up to the crown of the head. The seven chakras in our body correspond to centers of physical nerves. Each chakra is a spinning wheel of energy within the body and serves as a meeting point between consciousness and matter.

We are all made of energy.

This means that your chakras are responsible for distributing your energy throughout your body. These energy centers, chakras, must all perform together fluidly in order for you to feel your best. If one chakra is unbalanced or blocked, you may feel the effects physically, mentally, and even spiritually. Chakras take in, incorporate, and send out the energy throughout our bodies to keep us functioning at our best.

Our chakras are complicated, transformative, and essential.

They not only help us spiritually through governing our energy, but they are also responsible for bodily functions as well.

An unbalanced chakra may cause emotional upset, but it may manifest as physical pain too.

One unbalanced or blocked chakra has the ability to upset our entire flow of energy, our entire bodily system.

Yoga provides us with tools to stretch our physical bodies in ways that can physically affect our chakras. At the same time, yoga also provides us with ways to visualize and affect our chakras on a spiritual level.

The #Chakras are by far the most profound and powerful method of deep self-healing and self-acceptance.

The yoga I was taught to do wasn't actually healing me. It helped at the moment, for that 60-minute class. I might be able to not think about my issues and troubles, and sure it was helping me stretch after a long day at work, but once I stepped off my mat, the lesson was over.

I still carried the anger, hurt, fear and guilt. I still had triggers and moments of "hulk-smash"!

I didn't know how to heal from the inside out.

Using the tools that a yoga practice provides I was able to go deeper into my practice, bringing and learning how the chakras operate in harmony with my body-mind-soul connection.

The key to healing was to access the deeper wisdom of the mind...and move beyond the physical yoga practice, the asana.

The Chakras allowed me to do this with extraordinary, life-changing results.

This is not a quick fix. It didn't heal me overnight and I'm not 100% healed today. But, I continue my work, body-mind-soul and make the connection with the Chakras daily.

Through my yoga practice, meditation & pranayama I have been able to work past my traumas and I feel free, lighter and ready to serve.

My calling is Yoga. My passion is helping YOU find the better version of yourself.

My yoga classes are chakra-based and while they might not always seem like it, there is always a higher lesson to be learned on the mat.

My goal is to teach on and off the mat lessons that allow you to move throughout your day.

I always say "take what you need. Leave what you don't".

"take what you need. Leave what you don't"

Your relationship with YOU is the most important one you will ever have. Investing in You and making a strong and powerful connection. If you’re looking for a little extra self-love make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter as I send out love and on-and-off-the-mat tidbits every month.

Love & Light,


*Disclaimer: This Disclaimer forms a binding agreement between you and Chantal Croucher also known as Yogatation, a Sole Proprietorship operating out of Ontario, Canada. In continuing to watch this video and practicing yoga with me, you release me from any liability related to any injuries or issues which may arise from the risks of practicing yoga through this video. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS IN PARTICIPATING IN THIS YOGA CLASS. These videos are posted for educational and informational purposes only and not tailored to you specifically in any way. Please ensure you are practicing in a safe space and consult a medical professional before your practice. Lastly, please note that the techniques and approaches to yoga contained in these videos are simply my teachings and I make no representations about their efficacy nor do I promise any results.

Namaste and enjoy the practice.


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