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Crown Chakra Healing + Meditation | Chakra Balancing | Yogatation

The #crownchakra is also called the #Sahasrarachakra (which means the thousand-fold chakra). It is primarily associated with the colour violet, but also white and gold. It’s located in the middle of the head at the highest point. It faces upwards. This point is said to be where energy enters the body.

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While there are many Chakras within and around our bodies, the Crown Chakra is considered to be the top of the chakra ladder, and it connects you to the universe in the same way that the Root Chakra connects you to the Earth. The Crown Chakra pulls the energy of all of the other chakras together.

Your Sahasrara chakra embodies your highest self and is the source of all your spirituality. In this way, it is the source of enlightenment. Meditation is the basis for spiritual insight and mindfulness. If you have a balanced Crown Chakra, it's said that everything is connected - we're all part of the whole and each of us is part of that whole. By acting selflessly, you'll be able to look beyond yourself.

You’ll sense unity, feel free-spirited and connect to the divine and all that is. You’ll see you are aware and conscious. You will be inspired and energized and certain of your role.

There are no blockages in the 7th chakra; instead, it is developed to a greater or lesser extent.

When it is completely silent, our whole being is awake and receptive to the sounds of the Divine and the universe. It brings forth the power of love and the harmony of all that is. Calm music may also help bring this feeling- you know yourself best. Find a space where you can fully listen.

Affirmation for the Crown Chakra

-I am awake and aware

-The world is my teacher

-I am guided by a higher intelligence

-I am guided by inner wisdom

-Divinity resides within

-All is one

Meditation is by far the older form of yoga, with asana coming much later.

Meditation has very strong healing powers on the Crown Chakra because this Chakra is so closely connected to spirituality.

Crown Chakra Meditation

Come to a comfortable seated position. Soften down the eyes, if it is safe to do so and start to notice your inhales and exhales.

Imagine a glowing purple light at your crown (the top of your head).

From this light, let a sprout emerge and slowly that sprout will grow upward into a stalk.

A small bud will form at the end of the stalk. It will slowly grow into a larger, bulging bud.

It will slowly bloom and open into a thousand-petaled lotus, the symbol of the Crown Chakra.

Now, focus on that same spot on the top of your head.

This time, white light is pouring into your body through that spot.

Let that light slowly fill you and keep a subtle focus on your crown.

The light is connecting you with the Universe, which is itself light.

The life force of Universe enters your energy system through the crown, and flows down through the other chakras.

You are becoming one with the Universe.

Return your attention back to your body.

Start to soften your breath.

Focus on the inhales and exhales as they become softer and softer.

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Love & Light,


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