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{Moon Rituals} Ritual for The Full Moon | Yogatation | Oracle Cards

The light of the Full Moon is about to fade away, now is a great time to let go of what no longer serves you so that you can move in a new direction that is more in line with your current vibration. Making room for new possibilities and energies that will keep you moving in the right direction.

As the saying goes

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Here is my ritual for the Full Moon

1. Clear your space. I like to sage my room, clearing and releasing any negative or stuck energy that might be lingering. If you do not have white sage, you can use incense or a candle. Opening up doors and windows is a great way to clear out the space as well.

2. Moon Gazing. If you can see the Full Moon from your location – sit facing the Full Moon. Open up the blinds or curtains and take in the full glory of its bright light.

3. Pull a Card. I love to use Oracle cards whenever I can. If you have oracle/tarot cards, go get em! Shuffle them well. Cut the stack into 3 and place them in front of you. I call these the past, present and future stacks. Restack the piles in a different order than you laid them down. I usually stack the present onto the future and then the future onto the past.

4. Fan them out. Lay the cards out in front of you in a fan-like pattern.

5. Criss-cross, heart open, eyes soft. Sit comfortably, soften the eyes and rub your hands together creating some heat. Once you feel the heat in your palms, place your dominant hand over your heart and the other hand over the cards.

6. Release. Speak to the inner You or out loud “What is the Universe (insert your faith/God here) asking for me to release and let go this month?”

7. Intuitive. Start moving your hand over the cards. Back and forth tapping into the energy in your palm. FUN FACT – We have many energy centers in our hands, called Chakras. Rubbing your palms together charged up this energy and you are now using it to pick YOUR card.

8. Feel it. You may or may not be able to feel the energy pull you toward the card you need. It’s all good! This will take some time to tap into your power and become entuned with your energy.

9. Pick Your card. If you feel the pull, place your finger down and open your eyes. That’s your card! Grab it out of the pile. If you didn’t feel a pull, no worries. Just point your finger at a card with your eyes still closed. There are no coincidences. That’s the card that you need.

10. Reflection. Look at the card. Take a minute or two and review the card, feel into it. Does anything come up for you?

11. Grab your Journal. At the top of the page, write “My Full Moon Release List.” Make a list of all the things you intend to release, that has come up with the card that you pulled and that no longer serve you and your higher good. What are you ready to let go of?

12. Thank you. Once you have finished writing, read it over to yourself and think about your readiness to release these things from your life. Placing your hands over the list and thank it for all you have learned and received.

13. Now 2 things can happen here: 1. You can leave it in the book and lay it out where the Full Moon energy can light it up and release it into the Universe. OR 2. You can tear the page(s) out and tear it up into little pieces and burn them!

14. Safety First. Get a fireproof vessel – metal bowl or pale, in your wood-burning fireplace or the steel kitchen sink, will work. Set the pages on fire and watch it burn. As you do this, imagine the energies from the things on your list dissolving with love and grace and disappearing into the unknown/Universe.

15. Release. To yourself or out loud “I now willingly release these experiences, insecurities, fears, doubts, and pain. I let it all go with ease and grace.

16. Discard. Empty, clean up and remove the burned pages. If you can, go outside and look at the Full Moon. Spend some time allowing its energy to beam down on you and think about who you can be now without those things that were weighing you down.

The energy from the Full Moon is powerful, so if you are feeling heavy after this ritual, take some self-care time for yourself and re-energize.

I hope you enjoy releasing your limiting beliefs and casting off all that you need to release so that you can blossom into the higher-powerful you that you are meant to be.

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Until next time,

Love & Light,


*Disclaimer: This Disclaimer forms a binding agreement between you and Chantal Croucher also known as Yogatation, a Sole Proprietorship operating out of Ontario, Canada. In continuing to watch this video, read this blog and practicing yoga with me, you release me from any liability related to any injuries or issues which may arise from the risks of practicing yoga through this video. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS IN PARTICIPATING IN THIS YOGA CLASS. These videos and blogs are posted for educational and informational purposes only and are not tailored to you specifically in any way. Please ensure you are practicing in a safe space and consult a medical professional before your practice. Lastly, please note that the techniques and approaches to yoga contained in these videos are simply my teachings and I make no representations about their efficacy nor do I promise any results.

Namaste and enjoy the practice.


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