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The Sacral Chakra + Meditation | Chakra Balancing | Yogatation

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The Sacral Chakra

Known as #Svadhistana chakra in Sanskrit, the #sacralchakra is located between the heart and the stomach. Orange in colour, it is located a couple of inches below your belly button and is associated with your sexual organs.

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The Sacral Chakra is responsible for emotion, sensuality, creativity, pleasure, and enjoyment. It helps with relating to others as well as sexuality. For the Sacral Shakra, it is important to connect feelings with the body, mind, and spirit. This chakra helps with the affirmation: I feel. Due to its association with water, water is able to balance it.

A person with a well-balanced sacral chakra feels empathy and warmth toward others. They give in to urges of creativity and have a flow of creative energy through their body, soul, and mind.

A blocked Sacral Chakra can lead to unhealthy feelings around sexuality, either excessive or suppressed.

An underactive sacral chakra can lead to a feeling of a lack of control. It can manifest as an inability to cope with life's changes and challenges, which can lead to detaching from emotions or others. When it is overactive, it is overwhelmed with energy, and you feel overwhelmed too, which can manifest as strong emotional reactions, mood swings, or dependence on others.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

I feel.

I create.

I connect with others.

I am comfortable in my body.

I am safe to express my sexuality.

It is my right to feel joy.

I am in touch with my emotions.

I follow my creative impulses.

Sacral Chakra Meditation

Find an easy seated position. Crossed-legged or in a chair.

Take a nice deep breath in. Feel the air coming down through your lungs, chest and deep into your belly and diaphragm.

Allow the air to flow to your sacral chakra (2-3 inches below your belly button).

Let yourself focus on your breath and its energy there.

The sacral chakra is represented by a 6-petaled lotus. Imagine the lotus as a seed.

Breath into that seed.

Your breath allows roots to slowly start to form, grounding you in yourself, and allowing you to feel safe and comfortable within yourself.

When the seed starts to sprout, create hope and optimism.

As a bud starts to form, allow that optimism to bloom into joy as the lotus slowly opens. See the lotus glowing with orange energy, filled with light, creativity, and sensuality that are all yours.

Continue to breathe into your Sacral Chakra for 3 more breaths.

Slowly start to release your breath, returning it back to your natural rhythm.

Open your eye when you feel ready.

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Love & Light,


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